Freak Out! is a column whose goal is to present 5 tracks of challenging psychedelic music (or at least somewhere near!) on the front burner.

“On a personal level, Freaking Out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress, and social etiquette in order to express CREATIVELY his relationship to his immediate environment and the social structure as a whole.  Less perceptive individuals have referred to us who have chosen this way of thinking and FEELING as “Freaks,” 

The Mothers Of Invention


Psych-O-Positive – ‘Naked or Dead’


Ultraviolet Communication – ‘Palinopsia’


Vegetarians & Carnivores – ‘Beautiful Tuesday’







Congo Blast – ‘No time for dancing’


Animal Collective – ‘Prester John’

Christos Doukakis