Last Day Deaf‘s “mission” is to present the most fresh & uncompromising music from all around the globe, regardless the genre. So, we couldn’t resist in exclusively premiering the latest video for Plattenbau, ‘Love Like That‘. Oakland-based Dustin Khebzou and Megan Biscieglia create unique, invigorating & -sometimes almost hypnotic- electronic/industrial soundscapes. Regarding ‘Love Like That‘, the latter proves to be a rousing showcase of the duo’s excellence, and in relation to its accompanying video, we’ll give you a hint: Take a look at the masks, while the track progresses. Epic!


Plattenbau is the electronic/industrial project of Oakland-based Dustin Khebzou and Megan Biscieglia. The Northern California duo combine bleak industrial soundscapes with lush vocal arrangements, cold synthesizers, and the pulse and glamour of disco. Celestial melodies slither between throbbing percussion and hypnotic rhythms to create a world of dazed euphoria.

The video for Love Like That, created by the band, is a surreal exploration of the expansive landscape of the Mojave Desert, abandoned port cities of the Bay Area, and the rolling hills of Northern California. Masked figures dance and contort their bodies to accompany the songs pounding beat. The masks appear to change expression and emotion as the performers move through the stark environments.

The immense and endless landscape is contrasted by industrial imagery, vibrant silks and textiles, and the lifelessness of the everpresent mask.

The end result is a somnambulistic world of psychedelic dread.

“Love Like That” is the second  single from the project’s EP, Endless, and was released digitally and on cassette on 6/05/18 by Glowing Dagger.