Environmental awareness. How do we, humans (?), interact with our environment? Kid Mango‘s exclusive video stream on Last Day Deaf, ‘Beast Be Still‘, may throw some light in this -rhetoric- question. Lethargic vibes, experimentation and confident slow-paced rapping will bed you down, with that ace melody in your head. An under-the-table energy injection on repeat. Dope!


Brief Bio:

Kid Mango is a New York based experimental rapper. He put out a mixtape last year titled Same Outfit. You can find him sipping iced tea at your local Thai Resturant.

Press Notes:

‘Beast Be Still’ is the first (and likely only) single of Kid Mango’s upcoming EP Liquid Lunch produced by Robert Don. The visuals are a blend of forest footage shot in India, Super 8 footage from NYC and a couple of miscellaneous moments. The track deals with the contradiction of making choices and how humans interact with their environment.