Oh no it’s not even Thursday, and most of us desperately need a positivity injection. No worries, heaps! Athenian alternative lads Kenny Freq will take care of us all! You see, often life may be simple.. Ted Sourvinos (one of the main two core members) pm’ed me today, and although I had a rough day, got completely taken away with tonight’s exclusive video.

THE SUPERHERO‘ is taken from the band’s recently released album ‘OST : 17 – 18 THE HALL, and it’s a sheer joy to listen and watch. Kenny Freq are simply capturing that nostalgic 90s crunch alongside full, rolling, sonic clarity, and a super-catchy chorus you won’t stop singing along, even if that weirdo-neighbour of yours starts screaming and knocking at your door. Enough from us, enjoy the ride!


Director Erin Boussounis about his video:

The idea for the video came from a combination of things. The lyrics were obviously the main inspiration: pop culture references are fun to play with and it’s always easier when the source material has clear themes and ideas that can be translated to images, in this case the contrast between the mundane and the mythic. The other important factor was the lack of resources which meant that I would have to lean on an interesting gimmick to keep the video interesting. Public domain cartoons and movies fit the theme perfectly and gave the whole thing a fan video feel.