Ready for some real ‘epic-ness’? Well, here at Last Day Deaf, we hope to feed your appetite with this exclusive video stream from J Orphic, the Italian neoclassical/avant-garde/martial industrial duo of Marco De Marco (all music, voice) & Lucija Hrvat (background voice, spoken words).

One Day We Will Be Emperors‘ is a vigorous mixture of “sound and vision”, taken from the upcoming, 6th album ‘From The Eyes Of A Hero‘.

Press Release

After 2 years from  our last album, J Orphic is proud to announce our 6th album ‘From The Eyes Of A Hero‘.

The album is a collection of musical stories which sing the Majesty and the Epic interpreted by the eyes of a hero.

J Orphic is trying to create the ‘Perfect Hero’, the Man who is able to raise crowds creating a parallel power far from the current progressive world.

The album seems to be the more complex ever composed by the Neo-classic Act using  a large number of classical sounds with the clear intent to raise the hero above human laws thus becoming the “Invincible One”.

10 Neo-Classic and majestic tracks which will bring back the listener to the origins of heroism that remain the main source of  inspiration of JO.

The Album will be released by the Polish Label Rage In Eden Records always dedicated to the martial/neo-classic sound.

The eyes of a man are not  those of a hero. ONLY THE EYES OF A HERO PRODUCE VISIONS.