Brandon Zano, Jacob Cohan & Brett Weir is ZAANO, and we feel more than excited to host the exclusive video premiere for theirs ‘You Don’t Know Me Like That‘. Taken from the band’s upcoming 2nd album, ‘This is the best we could do, sorry‘, and judging from this first taster, they certainly don’t need to be sorry, since they did just fine!

This Californian trio mixes plenty in their sonic “blender”, alternative rock, trip-hop, house, punk and new wave just to name a few. And for this video they even dare involve a unicorn puppet! Unicorn puppet? Yup, you read well! Come on give this a try, and if you don’t start dancing from its first seconds, perhaps you started getting a bit older…


Press Notes:

ZAANO will be at the Viper Room this Monday November 11th, performing an all new set for the Sunset Jam. The Sunset Jam is a weekly event that brings together all aspects of the music business and has showcased some of the top musicians in the world.

ZAANO is the brainchild of record producer Brandon Zano, a three-piece dance punk band consisting of Jacob Cohan, and Brett Weir. They are based out of Hollywood, California and released their first album, “Prequel”, in 2017. Their upcoming second album, “This is We Best We Can Do, Sorry” is due out this Spring.

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