Just in case you don’t know, Tullycraft is a fabulous indie pop band from Seattle, that formed in mid 90’s. Recently they released their latest full-lenth ‘The Railway Prince Hotel‘ on HHBTM Records and Last Day Deaf is more than excited to feature as an exclusive premiere the latest video for ‘Midi Midinette‘. Two minutes to discover which might be the connection between Conny Froboes, Annette Funicello and Tullycraft? Difficult one, just before checking for the solution below, press the play button……………………………..

……………….and get ready for a 2-minute 1960’s inspired audiovisual treat. Beam us up….. Tullycraft!


About the track:

“In 1960 Conny Froboess released a song called “Midi-Midinette” as 7” single. Froboess was arguably Germany’s first-ever teen idol. She was an Annette Funicello-like star of numerous musicals that were especially popular after the rock and roll wave had hit Germany in the 1950s and early 1960s. The word “midinette” is a French term that roughly means “fashionable shopgirl.” I first heard the Conny Froboess’ seven inch a few years back, and it inspired me to write down the phrase “Midi Midinette on a kissy cassette” in a notebook. Eventually that single phrase became the impetuses for me to write that song. Our version of “Midi Midinette” is the first track on our new album ‘The Railway Prince Hotel.’ For some reason the opening line of this song has garnered a bit of attention: “In captivating dishabille and glowing like a glockenspiel.” I think it’s probably cause you don’t hear the word “dishabille” in too many pop songs. ” – Sean Tollefson