What could very well be the soundtrack of an imaginary supercity’s urban void, in a not so distant future, is the second singe off Torus Eyes‘ debut EP, ‘Pythia‘, ‘Ancestors‘, (check the 1st one over here), due out on October 18th.

The sound is somewhere in between synth-pop, synthwave, gothpop and indie electro. Yes, it’s a pretty unexampled sonic blend, which is boosted by a passionate vocal performance, unleashing that despair and isolation in lyrics like these:

Easy on the eyes
Insight, frame of design
Reparation comes next
Healing inside
Stop running, running away
Pretending to be lost

Where are you now

Prepare to get emotional with this transcendent gem, which is accompanied by the eye-gasmic (alien coral reefs and dendritic mirror ribbons alert!) video made by filmmaker and visual artist CBruV.

Needless to say we are thrilled for this rare exclusive. Hope you enjoy the ride…

About the track:

“Ancestors” is a synthwave dance track about our collective desire to heal from despair and isolation. Evoking fractal cathedrals and oceanic constellations, Ancestors takes the listener on a sonic journey through the suffering and awe of life. This track displays the expansive palette of influences that comprise Torus Eyes’ style. With passionate vocals and layered songwriting, Torus Eyes encourages the listener to open up and reflect while bathing in full aural textures.

About the video:

“Ancestors” is a visual cosmic journey of death traveling through space. Through alien coral reef and dendritic mirror ribbons, death’s journey through space reveals the beauty of this universe. The music’s rushing energy leads to a sonic wormhole odyssey, ending with the visualization that we all arise from one source. This video is the collaboration and transmutation Torus Eyes seeks to embody, with abstract concepts made real by filmmaker and visual artist CBruV.

About Torus Eyes:

Torus Eyes is an electronic music duo exploring the nature of surreality through the language of sound, emotion, and lyric. Bringing surreal imagery to the real, Torus Eyes encourages the listener to relax and imagine the mind is like steam evaporating, dispelling the notion of easily understood ideas with layers of dense material.
Torus Eyes consists of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Rho and Gwendolyn. Rho has academic training in music theory and production, and Gwendolyn is a trained classical pianist and self-taught producer and vocalist. Through their exchange, they discovered similarities in aesthetics, composition approach, production, soulful creating, open communication, and overall vision. In their live performance they utilize analog and digital gear to permeate their compositions with energy and virtuosity. Notable performances include opening for Plastic Ivy and Xeno & Oaklander at UFO Factory in Detroit as well as Emily Reo at Healer in Indianapolis.