Hope you are in the right mood for tonight’s exclusive video premiere by Supercel and their opus ‘Chain Reaction‘; Well, here at Last Day Deaf, we trip the light fantastic with this admirable combination of rampant alternative rock, 70s frenzied psychedelia, groovy soul and an inimitable powerhouse vocal performance by songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Casanova. This 7-minute creation, which is taken off the band’s debut album ‘Supercel‘ (out on Mother West), is finely combined with the filmed and edited by Anthony Sabino video. Intense!


About Supercel

Wearing a mix of influences from soul and 70’s concert rock to indie pop and psychedelia, Supercel stitches it together and weaves a tapestry all their own. Led by songwriter/guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Casanova whose credits range from the platinum selling Empire Records Soundtrack to live appearances with legends like Gloria Gaynor, and recording for artists such as Seattle’s Black Ocean Temple, Finland’s Peppina and Vermont’s Kris Gruen, the band is made up of Sean Gaffney on keys and vocals, Jackson Tarricone on bass, Anthony Sabino on drums and guitarist Tom Stoerger.

With their song “High Water” released as part of the soundtrack and film “Monday” for director Robert Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without a Crew” TV show, the band released their debut full-length on July 19th on Brooklyn’s Mother West label.