A band from San Diego with their frontman having grown up in Wymeswold, in the rural countryside of England’s East Midlands? Yup, this is the case for Slum Summer, and we are pretty confident you’ll dig today’s exclusive, ‘Bobby‘, off their recently released album ‘ABABO‘ (Jigsaw Records). The mutual love for 90’s indie by all 4 band members, is easily notable, and ‘Bobby‘ could easily be included on the A side of your “Summer Indie” tape. Wow, wait it’s 2019, but who cares? On repeat!


About ‘Bobby’

I try to think of a different Bobby every time somebody asks me who this song is about, but people better stop asking, because I have just about run out of Bobbies. I can explain a few things though: “Cast,” is the collective noun for crabs, and The Asylum is a brilliant, weird, old pub in Peckham, which I highly recommend you check out if it hasn’t been gentrified into some kind of horrifying craft-beer nightmare, serving chai milkshake IPAs and artisanallasagna to moon faced dickweeds. I love that I was able to persuade all of Slum Summer to sing backing vocals on this one, and it seems obvious to me that it’s the best song I’ve written, though of course I have no idea why that is, or how it happened.  Woody Allen likes to say, “The heart wants what it wants,” which for him always seems like a convenient excuse: for the person in this song the same dictum is a curse.