If you believe in the following three, then you should definitely check out Last Day Deaf‘s video premiere by 5-piece rock band from Larissa, Greece, Secret Theory, and their great, heavy rock banger ‘Still On The Road (Chopper Riders Club Hellas)‘, Heavy rock, motorbikes and…. freedom. Yup, this one is an ode to the heavy rock and desert rock sound (with the amplifiers on maximum volume), while the video displays footage from choppers, motorbikes, along with some favourite cult flicks (“From Dusk Till Dawn“, “Mad Max“…). The sense of freedom is pervasive from start to finish, and for every “Easy Rider” this one is an absolute must!


Press notes:

Secret Theory is a 5-piece rock band formed in 2014, based in Larissa, Greece. Band’s members share the love for heavy rock sounds, with a mixed range of influences: alternative, stoner grooves, grunge.
Their common background is an uncompromising real punk attitude, as proved by their cover of Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk to Fuck”, fixed in a terrific live version here.
Beyond any definitions, the sound they tread on defines and inspires the wild bunch, to create and narrate powerful stories.

With a solid presence on stage, Secret Theory have made first live appearances in local festivals and clubs during the summer of 2017, releasing their debut eponymous album in 2018, with more storming live sets following.