‘Rock’ Capital of last year was definitely Dublin, with emerging acts like Fontaines D.C. & THUMPER, and the catholic “domination” of IDLES. Now what do we have here? Another one? Yep! Late Night Pharmacy are a fairly young band, having formed in 2017, despite their sound unleashes the maturity, confidence and freshness of more experienced acts.

We feel more than excited for the video premiere of their 3-minute highly energetic and ultra-cathcy tune ‘June‘ (from their soon to be released ‘Flamingo‘ EP), which brings in mind the adorable hooks of the ‘Silent Alarm‘-era Bloc Party, the pure post-punk attitude of first era Interpol and the indie spirit of early 90’s mavericks Pixies and The Smashing Pumpkins. Add to this, the spacious, exuberant, “escape-from-the-city” video directed and edited by LNP’s guitarrist Fionn Murray and there you have it: An uplifting, post-punk/indie gem that will ignite your “sonic” appetite and lead you to repeated listens…. Until the next LNP tune!



Late Night Pharmacy are an alternative rock/post-punk band from Dublin. Dave and Fionn met each other in UCD and formed the band in 2017, releasing the band’s first EP the same year, which was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division, Interpol, Bauhaus and My Bloody Valentine. Our first live performance was at the 2017 Gothic Species festival in Leitrim, followed by numerous shows in venues including Sin É, The Underground and Fibber Magees. After playing with several different drummers, in 2018 the band enlisted Jordan Swanson (ex-Midwest Mindset), originally hailing from Calgary, Alberta. In 2018 the band carried out our first recordings with the new lineup, our soon-to-be-released EP Flamingo, for which we aimed to expand our sound by drawing inspiration from bands such as Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins.

Dave Sihra – lead vocals, bass

Fionn Murray – guitar, backing vocals

Jordan Swanson – drums


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