We are really excited to host the exclusive video premiere by Dutch sound designer and soundtrack composer Jesse Koolhaas. The track ‘Rodavlas‘ is taken off the artist’s latest full-length release ‘Organized‘ on Urban Waves Records. Get ready for a magic, spiritual ride with this voluptuous blend of jazz, fusion, cinematic, downtempo wrapped up in a dreamy almost utopian “audio-sphere”. Unlike most artists, Jesse Koolhaas has achieved a unique, organic, warm feel rather than a cold, digital one. This could very well be ‘future jazz’. Well, the future is now!

Press Notes:

Urban Waves Records present Jesse Koolhaas an Amsterdam based sound designer and soundtrack composer. For this album titled “Organized” he gathered talented jazz musicians to help him create an organic blend of downtempo electronic music with jazz improvisations and dreamy melodic atmosphere. Organized is just that, a spiritual journey that will transpose your senses and open a window to Jesse’s incredible inside world. Imagine looking at man made industrial cold and rigid perfection and nature’s warm and beautiful imperfection. This album is the place where both these things unite and make good resulting into a fresh experience and journey. From start to end Organized will tell you the story of a dreamlike adventure. Just let the music take you away and open your senses. Trust us and take a leap of faith, it’s the beginning of something wonderful. Music produced by Jesse Koolhaas Additional credit goes to Joris Roelofs (Bass Clarinet), Joost Swart (piano & keys) and Babak Kamgar (Ud), Bjørn Waling (drums) Mastering by sterilOne at STAUB Audio Engineering Vienna Photography by Bjørn Waling Layout and design by Alex Brade Published, manufactured and distributed by Urban Waves.

Full album available here