Tonight we feel elated for the exclusive premiere of Fragile Creatures‘ latest single & video, ‘Parallel Lines‘, the 4th one to drop before their upcoming 2nd album ‘Punk Yacht‘, out on August 21st.

What we mostly adore about ‘Parallel Lines‘ is its immediacy and its retro aesthetics & melodic purity, bringing in mind 70s era David Bowie (more earthly in a way!) and The Beatles.

Like most of us, the band couldn’t have been less affected by the global pandemic situation/lockdown conditions, despite the fact this song was written 3 years back about an long-term relationship’s end, FC release this now matching ideally with the current circumstances. Furthermore, the addictive reffrain “you can’t go back home” is intended as analagous to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus (read after the video, on the Press Notes’ section for more information!), So up to now, we have mentioned The Beatles, David Bowie & Heraclitus, and perhaps it would be more than wise to stop here before it gets more serious(!), by totally agreeing with Fragile Creatures that ‘Parallel Lines‘ is a ‘lockdown anthem in a way‘.

Hope you enjoy this full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics’ pop rock treat!

Press Notes:

Fragile Creatures latest single, Parallel Lines, available digitally from May 29th 2020. The fourth teaser single from their forthcoming second album, Punk Yacht (out August 21st 2020).

Combining rock, grunge, pop and catchy melodies, Fragile Creatures evoke the spirit of great musical innovators of the past, from Bowie to Blur and beyond. Resistant to the formulaic, going wherever their musical muse takes them. Hot on the heels of last spring’s Heart Beat EP, the band are gearing up to release their second album Punk Yacht, with a series of DIY-recorded psych-pop singles. Parallel Lines is the latest of these singles, possibly the most mellow track on the album, with a lyric that considers the difficulty of remaining patient through troubling times it seems to resonate with current affairs – the lockdown conditions we all find ourselves in during the coronavirus crisis. Kidd states,

“I wrote this one three years ago, whilst coming to terms with the end of a long-term relationship and struggling to open up to new possibilities. I originally thought I’d use it for a solo project, but the guys – particularly Tom – really liked it, so we adapted it for Fragile Creatures. The refrain, “you can’t go back home,” is intended as analagous to Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ observation that, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Time and events in our lives changes us, for better or for worse we become new people, which is something we all must accept if we are to move forwards in our lives.”

Fragile Creatures are:

Adam Kidd – vocals, guitar
Aaron Neville – vocals, keyboards
Tom Alty – lead guitar, vocals
James Crump – drums
Adam Whittles – bass guitar, vocals

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