Summer may be ending, but get ready to ‘feed’ yourselves with a bold dose of positivity, catchy indie hip-hop melodies and….colours! Here at Last Day Deaf, we feel more than blessed to host the exclusive video premiere for Footwerk‘s ‘Glass House‘.  The band is led by charismatic UK born / US raised Kyle Higginbotham, who has that unique ability to capture the listener’s attention with his sexy, upbeat & flawless vocal performance. Furthermore, the colouful, must-watch video is directed by Edwin Escobar (Dave East, Crooked I) and is a pure “eye-gasm” featuring gorgeous model Jabria Howington (“The BDSM imagery depicts the control we seek in relationships after issues of mistrust, dishonesty and infidelity creep into our lives“), and last but not least on guest vocals we find Midian, who wrote ‘Sandcastles‘ for Beyoncé‘s ‘Lemonade‘.

Get ready to boost yourselves with this pure, bright indie hip-hop anthem… On repeat!



Footwerk, led by UK born / US raised Kyle Higginbotham, is putting the cult in pop culture! Standing at the crossroads of perfect harmony and the imperfect human experience, Kyle’s journey has been an unorthodox one. His experience is colored thru the narrator’s lense; Immigrant or World Traveler, Drug Addict or Therapeutic Researcher, Outlaw or Lessons Learned, Asshole or Opportunity to Grow… Kyle’s affection for music comes more from his vigor for life than being a musical savant. Footwerk brings together musicians to conduct & orchestrate varieties of melodic opuses to enhance Kyle’s storytelling. Creating oneness at the intersection of the differences that seem to divide us nowadays, Footwerk is leaving it all behind in the pursuit of a more harmonic future…