Two weeks ago we were more than excited to host the premiere for Feu Follet‘s ‘Mi-Bête Mi-Forêt. Tonight we feel the equal excitement to repeat the same, although on this occasion for the video of ‘Le Sotré‘; What about a 1930’s nature video in time-lapse, and some cheeky plants dancing with the synthwave delicacy this track unleashes. Splendid melodic lines, hooking rhythm and a bold dose of sonic optimism ideal for the rest of the summer!

Are you still reading this and haven’t pressed the play button? Shame!

Alban Blaising (Feu Follet) about the video:

The sotré is a legendary creature of folklore Lorraine, it is a kind of leprechaun.
The images in the video are a very old documentary on botany.
The title was mainly built on a pattern of moog mother32 and leads from Korg Volca FM.
The track is quite simple and sounds very pop I find, influenced by some 80’s movie music
I wanted a nature video in time-lapse, I found it interesting to dance the vegetation on this title. I contacted a guy who did that but no answer, in the end I found this video from 1930.”

Album link: https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/album/le-champ-des-morts