162 seconds of a spacey odyssey via Emiliano Melis‘ transcendent drone capsule. Far from planet earth, somewhere safe, peaceful but also full of nostalgia for the “lost home”. ‘EVERYTHING IS NOW‘ is a highly pictorial, -like the video made by the artist himself-, (space) ambient piece of music with multiple layers of sonic authenticity to dive ourselves in… A dive into the subconscious, where past meets with the future, analog with digital, memory with dream…

A spine-chilling audiovisual treat for “brave mind-travellers”!


Emiliano Melis is a music designer and producer based in New York City. His works are a musical journey through poetry, noise, melody and improvised electronic sounds; a mixture of classic analog synths and new digital gears. Over the years, he has collaborated with many musicians as a remixer and producer and with international artists as a composer for videos and sound installations in art galleries in Europe and the US. He also composes music for short movies, TV shows, and theater performances.

Press Notes:

“Since I was a kid at the end of the 80s, I’ve been always intrigued by creating music and sounds. I remember how exciting was playing and overdubbing music layers using two analog tape recorders and a basic digital keyboard. It was the beginning of my sound experimentation, and mixing instruments and techniques is still the basic of my music research. TAPE AND POLAROIDS is a tribute to those days, when cassettes and instant photos were the only tools to record and print sounds and memories on delicate tapes and imperfect films”

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