New York indie folk singer and songwriter Austin Archer has a rare way to unfold the beauty of his songs. Ηe comfortably is in no hurry to prove anything or give it all from the beginning. Tonight’s video exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, ‘New Groove‘, is the ultimate sample and proof of the previous statement. The initial 90 seconds of the video (mainly black & white) gradually pave the way for the melody and the composition to develop in the best way. And then there is colour. From catatonia to euphoria, within a few seconds! Archer’s vocal skills and tone all in all match with the melting melodies transforming this ‘slow-burner’ indie folk song to the absolute ear-candy in the vein of ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse‘ – era The Besnard Lakes (respectively majestic, but a real ray of sunshine!). Αs if all of the above were not enough, even the video & ideal companion is directed by the artist himself.

Quote from Austin Archer:

As a song New Groove lyrically explores the process of a successful meditation session. Trying to find breath and presence amidst a whirlwind of distraction and avoidance. The video is meant to simply bring a visual component to that. A representation of the id, ego, and super-ego at odds and struggling to come together into a place of symbiosis and serenity in order to experience connection and presence. The video and song are split into two portions, the first being the initiation of the meditative process, where the subject tries to find peace and stillness, and the second half being the point of convergence where the subject begins to experience connection and communion with the higher self.”

Press Notes:

(New York, NY) Folk rock/indie singer and songwriter Austin Archer announces his new studio album, Beautiful Things, due out September 25, 2020. With over 17 years of songwriting experience, several published albums, and an extensive catalog of production work, Archer’s Beautiful Things was created through an honest and well-earned knowledge of songwriting craft. He is truly a jack of all trades, playing drums, bass, synth, guitars, piano and singing on every track of the album.

Archer released his first collection of music at the age of 20 while living in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was in Utah that he originally developed his skills as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, working with music partner Chris Bjornn and releasing music under the name “Us Thieves”. In 2017, the duo started an electronic music project under the name “BOSS TV”, and Archer created a side project with drummer Whit Hertford called “Natural History”.

On Beautiful Things, he highlights that, “The best way to truly understand what makes this record special is to listen to the full thing from start to finish. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true. Listening to just one song won’t give you a clear picture of the variety of themes, sounds, and styles I try to bring to my work. As a producer I like to build records where the listener couldn’t possibly predict what they’re going to hear from song to song. Records that keep the listener leaning forward, pleasantly caught off guard, and engaged both sonically and emotionally,” as the record was meticulously crafted for over 18-months.

Stay tuned for more announcements throughout 2020 from Austin Archer and stream Beautiful Things, out everywhere 9/25/20!