Today we feel more than excited to host the premiere on Last Day Deaf for Fairbanks, Alaska-based band Steve Brown and the Bailers, playing a signature blend of original Americana, indie folk, alt-country, and folk rock, and their latest single ‘Mountain‘, released February 18th on all streaming platforms.

This gem reflects in a magical way the Alaskan natural beauty, and spacious landscapes, with an intimate melodic line, unleashing warmth in the vein of great Tom Petty. Steve Brown, the band’s songwriter, is more than competent, in combining soaring melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and epic arrangements, but in the same time the listener never gets overwhelmed or overburdened by the final outcome. It; that sense of freedom that simply makes this indie folk/americana treasure utterly brilliant…. Take a deep breath, and prepare to be transported!

Press Notes:

Steve Brown and the Bailers are releasing a new song, Mountain. The song is a brooding, haunting story of the damage people can do to each other on the dark side of love.

The instrumentation features Aaron Benolkin for the the stunning sounds of the pedal steel. Todd Denick and Pat Fitzgerald deliver powerful bass and drums. Real Hypha’s creative producing and mixing bring it all together