Today we have the pleasure to stream in exclusive ‘Samara‘, which is the first of seven singles to be released until May 31st, check complete release schedule here), by Singapore’s Ilya Zaki, a composer-prodigy in the epic orchestral and trailer music genre. If you want to fill your soul with optimism, turn up the volume and release the pressure. Glorious!

Press Notes:

Iliya Zaki is Singapore’s foremost composer in the Epic Cinematic Orchestral and Trailer music genre. Since 2014, Iliya has been working as a professional media composer, supplying music to TV shows through production music libraries. His work can be heard in shows such as WWE, Baby Boomers, The Voice, Biggest Loser, Top Gear and many more. With the help of his publishers, Iliya’s music has seen constant usages by renown TV channels such as HBO, ESPN, Discovery, Fox Sports and many more.

Apart from production music, Iliya occasionally works with both Malaysia and Singapore’s leading modern and contemporary circus performing groups, respectively known as PsycuSix.Ψ and Starlight Alchemy. The performing arts groups have been turning to Iliya to curate their music playlists and also compose custom-made music for several performing pieces that requires more intricate musical details.

Samara is the first of seven Singles to be released which will end with Iliya’s massive 14-track album release which will consist of his best compositions to date. Tracks include favourites such as Rise of Fire (750k views on YT) and Fire Save Us (180k views on YT).

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