Having recently featured Ls Vegas’ indie/folk outfit Good Coffee on our 9+1 Q&A section,  we feel great to exclusively stream ‘Gold‘, in which Good Coffee collaborates with shoegaze band Morosis. Ear-melting melodies, hazy guitars and 100% DIY indie aesthetics, guarantee an exceptional listening experience… On repeat.

All you gotta do, is press the play button below. Bon vogage…

Press Notes:

In ‘Gold’, Good Coffee calls upon up-and-coming shoegaze group Morosis to showcase Las Vegas’s burgeoning suburban DIY music scene. Recorded in makeshift bedroom studios, ‘Gold’ stands in stark contrast to the vanilla rock music the city is known for. Influenced by artists such as Day Wave, Dean Blunt, and Acid Ghost, ‘Gold’ blends the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with the nomadic psych-folk we’ve all come to know and love from Good Coffee.


Good Coffee is a musical outlet for nomadic singer-songwriter Cole Heathcott. After years performing as a solo artist around Colorado, Heathcott relocated to North Carolina and Good Coffee morphed into a 4-piece psychedelic folk group. After signing a record deal with Duke University’s Small Town Records, their debut single ‘Knife’ and demo tape ‘American Love’ were released in the spring of 2018. Later in the year, Heathcott found himself in Las Vegas, where Good Coffee released the EP ‘Coral Pink’ and the single ‘Gold’.