Well, Friday is here again, and what best for an uplifting, flawless tune like the one by Dublin born and raised, Eoin Glackin‘, ‘Fresh AF‘. Eoin creates addictive, radio-friendly (not bad at all!) and catchy tunes. Furthermore, ‘Fresh AF‘ contains an addictive riff that will follow you for the whole weekend, if not for the next week. The country element & vibe to all his tunes, including this one, help him stand out and love him more and more. Hope you do too…

Press Release:

Dublin born and raised, Eoin Glackin writes alternative pop songs that range from the personal to the political. Drawing on the legacy of the greats such as Johnny Cash alongside more contemporary influences such as Beck, Eoin has put his latest full length on record with the help of legendary Irish producer Karl Odlum (Mic Christopher). His experience of writing hits for Irish musician Derek Ryan for many years has added country into the lifeblood of Glackin’s tunes.

Opening track and lead single ‘High King Falls’ sets the lyrical tone for the record, tackling the idea that there is any one way of living or thinking. Eoin tells us “there is no one way, one opinion, one universal identity that’s right and this song is about that realisation and challenging yourself to find your own truths.”

This statement is tackled throughout the record, and rather than pretending to have all the answers, Glackin gives us his raw, truthful reaction, which can be heard on tracks like ‘Hold The Line’, which is about “looking for a voice through the static, a connection to pull you through the haze. Putting down the phone and going for a walk with someone who matters. Sometimes all you can do is stand your ground and keep swinging.” Along with existential musings, Eoin looks outward at the wider world and its history, with ‘Wear It While You Can’ being inspired by the story of Kathryn Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon who endured officials trying to tear her number off mid-race as it was a ‘men only’ event.

Eoin’s talent has seen him support the likes of Joan Armatrading and Damien Dempsey, who said that “Eoin’s lyrical imagery make me feel like I’m watching a movie in my mind” with similar plaudits coming from Ed Sheeran who simply stated that he’s “smashing it”.

Fires Of Innocence will be available worldwide on September 28th 2018.