I had really missed some really good noise rock. Until today. Thanks to the super dudes from Baltimore, defenders., that honored Last Day Deaf, to exclusively stream the 1st single ‘Operator Error‘ from their 3rd album ‘The Dissonance Channel‘ (release date: August 31st). Prepare for a 4-minute sonic blast, ready to blow up your amplifier with massive, edgy riffs, combative vocals spitting lines like “I faltered in my faith and then I realized…the truth was in the way that I lived this life.  The afterlife they chase, a question must exist: Turn the other cheek, or swing the other fist?” and some furious drumming. Dear folks, prepare for some really dystopian noise rock in the vein of The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi but with a modern twist. A tour de force of today’s noise rock! Enjoy!

About the track:
Operator Error is the first single off of defenders.’ new record “The Dissonance Channel.”  The song comes from defenders’ perspective on modern religion, specifically the observation that being a follower of any religion doesn’t make you a good – or bad – person.
Press Release:

defenders. is based in Baltimore, MD.  The band’s sound is a confluence of a myriad of influences including punk, hip-hop, noise, post-hardcore and grunge. Blogs and industry heads have described defenders. sound as “Tar and The Jesus Lizard had a baby,” or “A thoughtful clusterf**k of noise..” defenders’ vocals are delivered aggressively and to the point, outlining astute political commentary laid down over the crushing pulse delivered by defenders’ and defenders’ rhythm section.

defenders.’ new record “The Dissonance Channel” is scheduled for release on August 31, 2018 on RatHawk Records.  It was recorded and produced by Alex Champagne and defenders.

J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels, Government Issue) handle mixing duties at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD and Dan Coutant mastered it at Sun Room Audio.

Official defenders. site