Here at Last Day Deaf we share the mutual excitement today with Big Sea Creature; Not because we found our prey, don’t you think of Loch Ness Monster!

East London quartet,  -Ian, Sam, Jade & Sammy-, have just released their debut single ‘Letters‘, a cathcy lo-fi rock track with clever hints of jangle pop and 90s slacker indie. Unlike most present day brit bands, these different Londoners gift us with a gem like a breath of fresh air, while bringing in mind a few 90s indie & lo-fi rock darlings….

Had Pavement ever been close pals with Hefner, ‘Letters‘ might have been their little baby…


Big Sea Creature are a 4-piece band from East London. They make hard-working-slackerrock and feel pretty good about it most of the time. Big Sea Creature is: Sam Asbury – Guitar and Vocals; Jade Ellins – Bass and Vocals; Sammy Hughes – Guitar and Ian Lee – Drums. Having been working together for over 10 years Sam and Jade’s experience with their various projects (Dolls, Long Teeth) has formed a unique chemistry that oozes forth on stage. After the sudden end to Long Teeth the duo sought about recruiting 2 musicians from Sam’s native Nottingham: Ian and Sammy. Carrying forward Long Teeth’s cynicism and jagged edges, they’re also pushing killer hooks and a cheery affectation in often bleak times. Their debut single ‘Letters’ will be release December 7th and available on all major streaming platforms. Letters is cheerfully accepting that you’ll never truly make sense of the world. That, if you take the whole down to the sum of its parts it can be frightening and confusing. It’s about those moments when you feel the need to turn off the news, stick your fingers in your ears and escape in to comfort. Be it for better or for worse. Recorded in Summer 2019 at Hermitage Works Studios, London with Nathan Ridley.