Vortex Incoming‘ is the opening track off ‘Polar Vortex EP‘ (out today!) by electronic musician and producer from Madison, WI USA, Wicker in the Wind. The sound is deep, and the trip is a gradual “crawling to the summit” through a misty, dreamy, almost lysergic “valley of intense kicks“. The driving bassline, the pulverising beats, the liquefied textures and the lush emotive synth work, boost this gem’s dynamic to become the absolute techno beast. Don’t expect a sudden peak. This is minimal/deep techno at its zenith and a considerable leap forward for Wicker in the Wind.

An absolute mindf*ck best enjoyed, minutes before sunrise….

Press Notes:

From a frigid Wisconsin winter, Wicker in the Wind has emerged with a selection of tunes ranging from deep and dreamy to dance floor filers. Vortex Incoming, the first track off of the Polar Vortex EP, takes inspiration from the deeper side of techno, with microcut percussive sounds juxtaposed against lush, swelling pads and a driving bassline.

The Polar Vortex EP is available everywhere on May 17th. Digital downloads can be pre-ordered from Wicker in the Wind’s Bandcamp page.

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