Tonight’s exclusive premiere comes from Salt Lake City electronica duo VAEJA (Luke Steele and Elijah Gunderson) and their track ‘Dontdie//Stayyoung‘ from upcoming EP ‘SY//DD‘, to be released on November 13th. This gem is a finely-calibrated idm production with lush female vocals, emotive melodies and hooking rhythm. As its title implies, expect a larger than life hymn for life, which is more than vital in this endless, pandemic era….


Press Notes:

VAEJA is the music project consisting of Luke Steele and Elijah Gunderson. The Salt Lake City duo has already racked up over one million streams within a year on their first-ever release. They will be putting out a two song EP for their first release in 2020. SY//DD is a two-track EP that builds on their musical mission to provide a real-time soundtrack to anyone with an active lifestyle, not afraid to push limits and live life outside the box.

With this release, VAEJA aims to establish themselves on a foundation built for growth. The strength of early demos has helped them build an experienced team even before an official release — in November 2018 they teamed with manager Jake Cutler, who has managed a broad range of successful artists (The Killers, The National Parks, Strange Familia) and securing Stem (exclusive distributor).