Last Day Deaf is enthusiastic for the exclusive premiere of Chilean experimental musician Thanatoloop‘s ‘San Sesame‘. Before reading, Michel Leroy‘s quote about the track, -being utterly unaware of its lyrics-, I must admit that I had never expected to refer to such a sensitive subject, such as a Chilean institution for homeless children and its horrendous conditions. Yes, the track is dark, utterly dark, like its subject. Heavy distorted industrial beats, a distant voice reciting in Spanish and a sultry atmosphere, promise an uneasy way-out to the ‘clearing’. Industrial, experimental, post-punk all mixed with some serious social impact, that very few artists dare to deal with. Press the play button and proceed with caution…

Michel Leroy’s (aka Thanatoloop) quote about ‘San Sename‘:

“Sename is a very creepy social Chilean institution, they receive children without home, and it’s scary because children die and get raped inside, it’s horrible. And this song is for those responsible for that, how can they live with that… I say they can’t get away with this, they pay for it on the inside if they are not imprisoned which they would deserve.”

‘San Sename’:


Press Release

Mind that the full title of the Chilean avant-gardist Thanatoloop’s umpteenth album reads ‘Resilencia: Resistencia y muerte en los dias del capitalismo voraz‘ (resistance and death in the age of capitalism). Its central concept is the contrast between the extreme egoism of capitalism and the sacrificial aspect of love. It may well be his first album in terms of traditional songwriting, it’s more direct, more melodical, more dynamic – which is remarkable given the fact that Michel Leroy Valdés has released more than 40 experimental albums since 1994.

The first half of “Resilencia”, and especially the title track, is an extraordinarily fuzzy experience with razor-sharp synths and atmospherical guitars, dark beats, and a spooky voice singing in Spanish. It’s about the death of love, detachment, abuse, capitalism; and its bleak layers of impenetrability create a claustrophobic environment. Valdés states: “We don`t have too much hope for a global change, but we can live in the cracks of the system, and we should learn to create micro worlds where the religion of money cannot rule.” From this hideout Thanatoloop dreams of creating a resistance that overwhelms people with happiness, turns them into generous and empathic folks – the opposite of capitalism. “I think love is the answer,” he states. Listen to the beautiful glockenspiel, the calming acoustic guitar and the melancholic voice of “Expresiones“ and agree with him.

“Resilencia” is a trip where the creator watches after you while you’re trying to maneuver through traps and holes in the darkness of our society.

Release Date: 4th May 2018 via Blackjack Illuminist Records