Tonight we feel elated to host the exclusive track premiere by a newborn project, Surf Tapes, and its second release ‘Through // Screens‘ (out on July 13th). Surf Tapes is the music vehicle of American citizen Jared Castellaw (previously in the 7-piece band Gravy Flavored Kisses) and this track may be a more than ideal introduction to the weird ‘indie/dream pop/psych’ universe of the project. The main melody will keep spinning around in your head for days along with the opening lyrics “I want these arms around you“, and then later “I need your arms around me“.

If you feel ready for an utterly unique “sonic hug”, all you have to do is press the play button below…

Press Notes:

Through // Screens is the second release by Surf Tapes. Surf Tapes is written and produced by Jared Castellaw. Jared is the principal songwriter of the seven piece New Orleans based band Gravy Flavored Kisses. Jared currently resides in San Diego, CA. During the Spring of 2019, Jared met with Alan Sanderson at Alan’s Pacific Beat Recordings in San Diego to discuss Alan mixing the music that Jared was writing and producing. After a year of sonic experiments Surf Tapes was born. Recordings were soon delivered to Alan for mixing. The mastering was then performed by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios in Seattle, WA. Through // Screens is out July 13, 2020.