Less than 2 months ago, we were excited to host the premiere by Bergen based band Secret Treehouse and ‘Wrong Hands‘. Today, we feel the same excitement here on Last Day Deaf, for running the exclusive of the group’s 5th single ‘Do You Remember?‘, a gorgeous, anthemic track of indie pop bliss about the loss of a close and important friendship. The breathtaking vocals and the grandiose production will seep into your brain, and soul, for days….

Press Notes:

Secret Treehouse is a Bergen (Norway) based pop orchestra, set out on an everlasting quest to find to perfect melody. This search is set in a realm where guitar-driven rock meets energetic electronic pop. It is all about cultivating the resistance and opposites in the soundscapes, painting audible pictures for the listener.

Their debut single, Fear of Frogs, was released Jan 12. 2019, single two. Kind of Special, Feb 22. and single three will be released April 12. The debut album is coming later in 2019. In March 2019 Secret Treehouse signed with international label, Ditto Plus. The single, Wrong Hands, was released May 30. Next single up, “Do you Remember?”, will be out July 19. and is about the loss of a close friendship.

Cover artwork: Achilleas Gatsopulous