Philly “anxiety rock” (self-described made up genre!) band (Emily – baritone guitar/vox, Danielle – bass, Josh – baritone guitar & Charlie – drums) screamcloud will be dropping their 2nd EP ‘The Slums Of Your Mind‘  on January 17th, and today we are tickled pink to exclusively premiere the 3rd and closing track of the release, ‘Let It In‘.

A 4-minute riff-ogonic slow-burner, in the 90s indie rock tradition, that derails enough to get your speakers blown after the 2:30 mark. But no worries at all, it’s definitely worth the ride… And your speakers!

Check out ‘Let It In‘ below:


Press Notes:

screamcloud is a Philadelphia based grunge/rock band, sometimes self-described with the made up genre “anxiety rock.” Featuring a baritone guitar, the band is heavily inspired by bands such Screaming Females, Summer Cannibals, Sleater-Kinney, and Sonic Youth. After quickly releasing a debut EP in early 2019, the lo-fi Artificial Flavors, the band took their time working on their next, the eclectic The Slums of Your Mind.

The EP opens with “In Your Eyes,” the band’s doomiest, sludgiest song, before quickly changing the pace with “275.” Named after the price of a New York subway swipe, the song is a sardonic look at the struggles of New York City living, where most of the band met and lived before moving to Philadelphia in 2017(The title of the EP is also taken from a line in its first verse). The Slums Of Your Mind closes with “Let It In.” Though wrapped up in a catchy riff, the lyrics explore the personification of anxiety as a sort of monster, always lurking around the corner as you go about your day.