Halloween special exclusive? Yup, thanx to the Italian producer RTIK and hismelodic techno banger ‘Dissolve‘. 6 minutes of astounding melodic techno bliss, an epic, space-y sound and an ear-melting, incomparable atmosphere that will you fly you beyond outer-sphere. This impeccable piece of electronic music embodies the ideal mix of techno and ambient (more correctly space ambient) into one compact, solid and confident entity.

Ladies & Gents, turn off the lights, pump up the volume, wear your space suits and dance until dawn…Dont forget to take the day off for tomorrow!

Shivers from the black hole

Press Notes

The process of evolution and transformation is one of the most astounding things we can witness from an artist. On his latest track titled ‘Dissolve’, RTIK provides a stellar prelude of the forthcoming chapter in his esteemed musical journey.

Releasing officially on November 1st, ‘Dissolve’ incorporates elements synonymous with Melodic Techno, paired with enchanting Ambient soundscapes and memorable melodies that are found all throughout his catalog. It’s safe to say that this is a club-friendly listening experience which also has the potential to engage with the imagination of the casual listener.

This track comes as a strong follow-up to his biggest body of work to date, a six-track EP titled “Decoy World“, which released earlier this year and marked a defining stepping stone for RTIK’s vision, pushing his sound forward while blending downtempo electronic, ambient, and melodic techno vibes.

The aftermath is a track more geared towards the club, a path still unexplored by the Italian producer, and the perfect companion to kick off the darker and colder months of the year.

You can listen to “Dissolve” exclusively on Bandcamp and Soundcloud or pre-save on all other major streaming platforms. The track will officially release on November 1st.

Fanlink: https://fanlink.to/RTIKdissolve

Bandcamp: https://rtik.bandcamp.com/track/dissolve