What more to expect from an indie pop track than a strong and memorable melody, a warm & distinctive voice and some heart-warming & meaningful lyrics? The question is rhetoric as you might have guessed!

Ross Ingram combines all these aforementioned elements and ‘Transmission Loss‘, -that we feel more than excited to exclusively premiere-, is quite possibly the most intriguing song from ‘Last Night I Didn’t Dream At All‘ EP. An unpredictable gem, full of “nectarious” harmonies & discreet experimentation.

Transmission Loss‘ is taken from ‘Last Night I Didn’t Dream At All‘, which releases November 9, 2018.


LAST NIGHT I DIDN’T DREAM AT ALL isn’t the first record Ross Ingram has put out. Far from it. Ingram has been putting out music in bands (Paperwork, Pet People) and recording music for bands (Black Angels, Lonely Horse, Sorrytown) for over a decade. It is, however, his first solo record, and the first to bear his name as the artist. Assembled over the past three years in downtime at his recording studio, Brainville, in El Paso, TX, LAST NIGHT IDIDN’T DREAM AT ALL is a layered set of introspective electro pop.

While most of Ingram’s previous output has been very guitar centric, this record revolvesmore around electric piano, drum machines, and synthesizers, with atmospheric layers of tape hiss, microcassette field recordings, and heavily manipulated string samples. Lyrically, it explores loss, from the superficial loss of “A Barricade,” a song wishing for a snowstorm to keep a lover home, to the loss of intimacy, love and trust in “New Year” and “Holding Pattern,” to the deep and permanent loss of a loved one in “Transmission Loss.” The record was made almost completely at Ingram’s studio, Brainville, off and on over the course of three years. A small number of overdubs were done at home. The EP will be released November 9, 2018 on CD, cassette and digital download/streaming via Ingram’s own Parts Per Million, in cooperation with the Nowhere Else Recording Collective. The first single from the record, “New Year,” will be available via digital download/streaming on October 12, 2018, with second single, “Holding Pattern,” to follow on October 28.