Really blessed for today’s exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf by a band from Louisville, Kentucky named Pleasures of the Flesh. ‘Daughter of God‘ barely lasts 2 minutes and it’s a pure punk rock dynamite ending with the verse (x2) ‘no cops, no roaches‘. Yup, we couldn’t ask for more, so press the play button and let it all loose. Mike, Travis, Corey & Kyle are Pleasures of the Flesh, but also of our ears and souls.

About ‘Daughter of God’:

And you, you ridiculous people, you expect me to help you.” -Denis Johnson

Inadvertently inspired by the book Jesus’ Son, this is a song about wondering if you’re doing more harm than good. Wondering if your ego is getting in the way. Wondering if in addition to jesus, maybe there was a daughter of god no one ever knew about, maybe she operated behind the scenes and did a lot more good than that other guy.

This is a song about spending a childhood idolizing punk rock heroes that were never meant to be role models, entering your late 20’s, and questioning if your priorities are in the right place. And this is a song about ultimately realizing that yes, yes they are.

About the band

We’re a punk/post-everything band from Louisville, KY called Pleasures of the Flesh. We’re putting out an EP called Earthly Pleasures on Christmas and would love to have you all review it. We recorded it earlier this year in our homemade studio, and it was mixed by Ben Moore (Ceremony, Hot Snakes, Switchfoot).

Our members are:
Mike Stewart – guitar, vocals
Travis Beck – keys, synths
Corey Lucas – percussion
Kyle Thompson – bass, vocals

We make music that fits somewhere in between Tony Hawk video games and 80s movie soundtracks.