Passionate about tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf; Brand new (not so certain about that!) ‘lads’ scattered across London and Manchester, named PKNN, and a smashing debut single in traditional diy spirit.

Ritalin‘ is a blazing 6-minute post-punk, “motorik” song with driving bass lines and angular guitars that gradually builds up to an aural whirlwind that will leave you gasping for breath! Thanks to the ‘pandemic’ lockdown and a boozy night, this mysterious collective created the soundtrack for the day after… Dystopic, dark, but also powerful & aggressive!

Ladies & Gents, let’s all welcome PKNN:


Press Notes:

PKNN’s first single ‘Ritalin’ is a statement of intent, initially recorded in their DIY home studio in one night of drunken collaboration and then finished against the backdrop of COVID lockdown Britain. The track combines the sounds that PKNN collectively look for in music; driving bass lines, angular guitars and an indescribable ability to transport the listener somewhere else, something they feel is essential in these times.

PKNN are a musical collective split across London and Manchester, consisting of long time friends TB and BMC and other members circulating numerous bands in the Manchester, Leeds, London and Melbourne music scenes. This collaboration has been a long time coming.

PKNN are ready to announce their powerful DIY brand of post-punk and indie.

Contact PKNN directly at