Tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf will make you think or even dream you join in the gang of Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw & Robert DoQui in Jack Hill‘s 70s blacksploitation masterpiece “Coffy“; Beat Maker/Producer/Drummer Pablo EskoBEAR from Grand Rapids, MI is aptly mixing old-school boom bap hip hop with spicy funk/soul samples to create an utterly unique, slick atmosphere and ‘Soul Proprietor‘ is very much possibly the ideal track to get to know this very productive, talented & self taught musician we instantly fell in love with… Hope you do the same!


Pablo, born & raised in Grand Rapids, MI stirs up tasty pots of old-school boom bap hip hop with spicy funk/soul samples. A self taught drummer from the age of 12, he then progressed through highschool and college playing drums in a heavy metal band called “Look Left Swing Right” from 2007-2017. In 2011 he started fooling around on Ableton Live making beats and once the band split in 2017 his focus naturally shifted to hip-hop. In his studio in Grand Rapids, MI he constantly finds himself digging through old vinyl records and scouring the internet for old rare gems to find sounds & samples that inspire him. With the drum driven hip hop beats he thieves to craft songs that can stand on their own as hard hitting instrumentals.

His debut album release of “Regurgitated Rhythms” on 10/17 has a double meaning. On one hand, the mostly sample based hip hop album comes from taking old funk/soul samples and re-working/regurgitating them back out into the universe with a whole new vibe. On the other hand, it plays right into the the story behind the name “Pablo Eskobear” (also spelled out in a goofy way in the intro to the album)

On 12/23/1985, the NY Times reported about a 175-pound black bear that had died of an overdose of cocaine in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest. 3 months earlier, drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II had dropped large quantities of drugs from an airplane over that area, before jumping from it himself. Unfortunately, Thornton got tangled in his parachute and fell to his death in someone’s yard, in Knoxville, TN. He was on a coke-smuggling run from Colombia when he dropped 40 plastic containers full of cocaine in the National Forest.

But instead of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars, police found just 40 open containers with traces of cocaine in them, and a dead black bear. The animal had feasted on the entire load and subsequently died of an overdose. Its stomach was literally packed to the brim with cocaine. There isn’t a mammal on the planet that could survive that. The bear had cerebral hemorrhaging, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, stroke. You name it, that bear had it. The “Cocaine Bear”, later nicknamed “Pablo Eskobear” was then gifted to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, where it was displayed in the visitor center, behind a plaque, without any mention of his special origin…………..That bear sure knew how to party!