Believe that most of you wanna escape from the pandemic hysteria/brainwash, so tonight’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf by Not All There is an optimal, indie psych treat. Despite the fact ‘Quarantine My Clementine‘ was written a few months ago, while COVID-19 started ‘conquering’ our lives, the vibe and atmosphere and the delicate psych elements, with the smooth vocals and the luscious slide guitar, will transport the listener to a distant place to chill out and dream on.

Last but not least, 100% of the proceeds from this single to the crowdsourcing campaign, hoping that exposure from our music spreads awareness to our cause.

Press Notes:

Quarantine My Clementine drops Aug 7th along with a music video and crowd funding campaign to raise money for the Granada, Bottleneck, and Jazzhaus. Venues that are iconic and carry a lot of cultural and historical importance and have been hit hard by the pandemic. We want to make sure they don’t have to shut down for good.