I think I lost all my lovers, they were gone when I opened my eyes...” With this bitter verse begins today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf, by Israeli singer-songrwriter Nomke, and her ‘Ended (by the morning sun)‘. The track is perhaps the most ideal sample off her upcoming new album due out early next year.

Ended (by the morning sun)‘ is one of those tracks, that we were dancing at the 90s-era, local indie clubs, those endless nights,- at our early 20s-, back then (“Generation X” readers will get it); Unbelievably catchy, a perfectly balanced & warm vocal performance and a killer “love-The-Breeders” bass taking us for the craziest indie ride. Yup, this is a song full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics, bringing the 90s golden era in mind, while at the same time sounding totally fresh! Still, reading? Come on, press the play below and let it flow!

Press Notes:

It has been a great year for Nomke. Her new album due out in January 2020, “True Queen,” was written, composed and produced by her. Her devoted crowd is waiting patiently for the album to drop and attending her shows religiously.

The songs on Nomke’s new album, “True Queen”, are a collection of brave and honest songs about the realities of relationships. Nomke’s beautiful voice and intelligent production lend themselves to her ability to explain what is on her heart with sincerity and grace.

Nomke is a middle child, born and raised in a small town in the south of Israel. After she dropped out of college to pursue a music career, she began to perform live and release music locally. Since 2015, Nomke has released the albums “No Rest,” “Ein Li Bait,” and the EP’s, “Are You There,” and “It’s Ok I’m Alone.” Nomke has toured Israel, Italy, and Canada, performed in the largest Israeli music festival “InDnegev” and also taken part in local projects such as, “Bowie from Here,” “Yellow Brick Sessions,” “Balcony TV Milan,” and many more, building her fan base step by step.

“She creates great, catchy pop that is full of insights, she is at the intersection of Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Nomke’s performance is something to be highly anticipated” Tal Oren, Haaretz.

Photo Credits: Zohar Ralt