Imagine yourself in an isolated, obsolete motel, with flickering neon lights, on a murky, humid night, while an old, rusty CRT is playing Wim Wenders‘ classic “Paris, Texas“, on mute… Away from anything… From anybody. The silence is almost deafening, until Night Tongue‘s ‘Drift‘ miraculously kicks off. Almost 9 minutes of melancholic, darkwave soundscapes, like an invisible hug, that would give you the maximum comfort. Take a deep breath, this Aussie post-punk veteran duo will pin you down with this sublime slow-burner.

Carisa Bianca Mellado gave us a hint about the song’s meaning: “This is a song about love fundamentally and the search for the eternal space of it, through all seasons, life and beyond death.”

Press Notes:

“Drift” arrives as the second single off of California-based, Australian-bred duo Night Tongue’s upcoming full-length, The Stag King. Much like lead single “The Flood,” which Rebel Noise raved as “transfixing music that’s filled with passion, doom, and mythology,” “Drift” is a prime example of their gothic, drone-adjacent darkwave as well as their eye for David Lynchian visuals. Arriving after a string of dates opening for legendary post rock act Mogwai, The Stag King arrives October 11th.

About Night Tongue:

Night Tongue are a transgressive post-punk duo from Australia now based out of Los Angeles. The duo, featuring Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell, create a dark mythic world of sex, death, horror and ecstasy constructed from modal vocal virtuosity, bright shimmering guitars, filthy bass, drum machine, synth and cello. Shrieking fury and spirit from a crossroads watched over by Diamanda Galas and The Birthday Party, Night Tongue build soundscapes of beautiful violence via Carisa’s astonishingly evocative vocals and Andrew’s spark-spitting guitar, with bass, synth and Cocteaus-esque drum machine pummeling the walls to contain it all. The duo ultimately combine their energies to create a music of ferocity, prayer and transcendence.

Post-punk veterans, the duo have worked and/or performed with David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), White Magic, Steve Albini, Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Eric Erlandson (Hole), Nora Keyes (Centimeters, Fancy Space People) and Gitane Demone and Rikk Agnew (Christian Death). Carisa currently sings with legendary experimental doom band Asva with G. Stuart Dahlquist (Sun O))), Burning Witch, Goatsnake).