Feeling euphoric tonight at Last Day Deaf, – and hopefully you will share the equal sense of euphoria after pressing the “magic” play button right below- , for the exclusive track premiere of Toronto/LA-based producer -beatmaker mxu‘s ‘This Cliq‘ off upcoming ‘Northern Reflektions‘ 6-track EP, dropping this Friday, July 10th.

1990’s hip-hop legacy is ‘boiled’ with surreal soundscapes and tight, banging beats, to create a timeless, smooth, mellow, instrumental jam ideal for night-driving down the hood with no specific destination, and ‘This Cliq‘ at full blast & on repeat. Essential!

Press Notes:

Toronto super-producer MXU returns with “This Cliq,” a meditative celebration of the power of camaraderie that offers solace and inspiration in trying times. A wailing siren ushers in propulsive percussion and sampled rap chants, creating an anthemic foundation for contemplative vocal melodies, dreamlike wind instruments and sweeping chimes.

The song encapsulates the new directions that MXU explores on his ‘Northern Reflektions,’ a six-song salvo from the stalwart DJ and icon of Toronto’s hip-hop and beat-making music communities. Integrating Southern bounce and rap chants with reflective soundscapes befitting the urban Canadian north, these songs resonate with maturity and consequence, suggesting landscapes, scenes and feelings beyond a simple merger of disparate influences. Indeed, the emotive textures and voices throughout the project, as well as a graceful, up-tempo sense of urgency, sets the stage for even further progression for MXU’s sound, soon to be revealed.

“This Cliq” unfolds harmoniously, but with purpose and gravity. In terms of the relaxing soundscape and the integration of rap vocal samples, the song is initially comparable to some from MXU’s previous major release, ‘Artisanal Trap’ (2019). However, where that project often felt like driving down a sunny street in California, this release evokes something slightly more introspective, melodic and forward-looking, like driving through the hills at dusk, or through a city at night. “This Cliq” perhaps best captures that balance between the old and the new MXU – the foundational DJ chops and bump, coupled with a growing sense of personal expressiveness and emotional depth that gives even further authenticity to the music.

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