Hope you are in the right mood for some thundering guitars and infectious alt rock melodies tonight! In this case, Max Benjamin‘s ‘UNIFY‘ is the most ideal treat, that we feel more than excited to exclusively premiere on Last Day Deaf. This is the 2nd single (out on July 17th) by this ‘naughty’ Brit, off his upcoming debut EP ‘The Absurd‘ out on next Friday, July 24th. Do not hope for an anthemic chorus to hold on to, or mellow parts; This is an authentic, heavy alternative rock ‘beast’, addictive enough to make you wake up from the pandemic hibernation!

Press Notes:

“UNIFY” is the second single from Max Benjamin’s upcoming debut EP “The Absurd” (July 24th, independent release). Inspired by these recent times we’re living through, the song is a call to accept and embrace our shortcomings, take control and join together to resist the injustices before you that you may otherwise let play out. “UNIFY” will be the final full song on the new EP.