What about a “deafening” exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf from Norway? Guitarist Iver Armand Tandsether, vocalist Bethany Forseth-Reichberg, bassist Eskild Myrvoll, and drummer Veslemøy Narvesen are Mall Girl, and judging by ‘Bad Girl‘ they are far from the typical Scandi, indie pop groups; They seem more than efficient at creating immense walls of noise, without losing the melody and/or alienate with the (unaware) listener. Their noise is sweet like Bethany’s vocals, unleashing the vibes of purity, but also the zealotry of a fresh band ready to conquer the -rock n’ roll- world. And we bet they will, with the amplifiers on red, and with this immaculate noise pop-indie-math rock brew… Dumbstruck!

Press Notes:

Breakout Norwegian indie pop outfit Mall Girl bring boundless energy, edgy experimentation, and a powerful creative force to everything they do.

Comprised of guitarist Iver Armand Tandsether, vocalist Bethany Forseth-Reichberg, bassist Eskild Myrvoll, and drummer Veslemøy Narvesen, the outfit of local talents came together after a series of jam sessions led to something magical. From the rhymes of A$AP Rocky to the vocal ease of Rickie Lee Jones, the group finds inspiration in innovative art, regardless of genre. That varied palate helped them to create a sound all their own, fusing relatable, engulfing lyrics with elements plucked from classic pop and gritty math rock.

With the release of their first single in 2019, the band’s youthful, infectious sound immediately won over listeners looking for something fresh and exciting. Their rapid success already earned them slots performing at an array of major festivals, including Øya Festival, Roskilde Festival and Trondheim Calling.

Always ready to keep things rolling, Mall Girl are set to release their new single “Bad Girl” on October 2nd.

Recorded in Oslo’s Studio Paradiso, the band mixed wavy synth lines with intricately layered guitars and vocals to create a soundscape that gives a nod to the 80s while still emanating plenty of modernity.

Sonically, the 80s-inspired track is in part a melodic nod to influential British pop rockers Tears for Fears, who they also cite as a notable influence. Forseth-Reichberg’s pristine vocals float above an irresistible drum groove and rolling electric guitar throughout. Through their catchy yet heartfelt lyrics, Mall Girl explores what it means to want a special connection with another person, and just how hard it can be to let yourself open up — no matter how much you may want to.