The sound of space never sounded so warm. It’s that spacey warm tone of the main synth line that reminds us of Belong‘s ‘Perfect Life‘. Yes, it’s that imposing, but at the same time distant & courteous. Colin Mayo is the mastermind behing the exceptional electronic/downtempo/ambient project Lucid Structure, that here on Last Day Deaf have embraced since the initial contact. A few months back it was his sublime piece of work ‘Airglow, and today it’s the closest sound to space ambient. Or if you prefer how space ambient should sound like: An odyssey of feeling and emotions, an endless trip to infinity… ‘Empty Houses‘ is pure ambient music for space travellers…

Ladies & Gentlemen we’re floating in space…. And we cherish this thanks to Lucid Structure.

Welcome to the black hole:

Press Notes:

Los Angeles, May 21, 2019- Lucid Structure, moniker for native L.A. based composer Colin Mayo, has just released his third album Tangents, a two track EP. Tangents continues the exploration of rich and deep textured ambient music that blends organic instruments with analog and digital synthesis.