Today’s awesome exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf is from L.A. based composer of ambient, electronic, and orchestral music, Colin Mayo, aka Lucid Structure. ‘Airglow‘ is a breathtaking ambient electronic track, that flawlessly runs from start to finish. Grandiose beats are greatly matched with the “descriptive” melody to create a unique cinematic experience honoring his influences (Eno, Budd & Vangelis among others). This one is a stunning piece of electronic music, that we are more than excited to host as a premier, and… Still, haven’t pressed the play button?


Artist Bio:

Lucid Structure is the creation of Colin Mayo, Los Angeles based composer of ambient, electronic, and orchestral music. Raised in Glendale, he was introduced to classical music at a very young age by his father, who was a tenor soloist, conductor, and voice teacher. Colin also found a love for ambient music as a youth, searching through records by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and Vangelis, in his parent’s vinyl collection. After taking lessons on accordion and cello, Colin began playing the guitar at the age of 13. Although a multi instrumentalist, guitar became and remained his main instrument. In 2003, he built his first recording studio and began recording and mixing local artists. Soon after, he was producing many independent artists, often playing guitar and/or keyboards on the recordings. His most recent producing work has been on two albums from the progressive rock group Initial Mass, the second of which was released earlier this year.