Tonight, we feel ecstatic to exclusively premiere LOST DOG‘s ‘Double Down‘ on Last Day Deaf, off their upcoming debut album ‘GO‘, dropping tomorrow, June 4th. New York punk trio consists of Chris Sommerfeldt (guitar/vox ), Jules Chaveco (bass/vox) & Dallas Palumbo ( drums/vox ), and these heaps don’t need much more than 2 mins to unleash their twenty-four carat energy, filtered with diy spirit (the whole album recorded entirely on tape, including this ‘beast’), and the essential for the genre in-your face attitude. And yes, they know how to scream and be catchy at the same time, while they pay their respect to an awesome crusty punk bar in the lower East side of Manhattan called the Double Down Saloon. Wanna have a good time? Easy! Press the play button below and don’t forget to grab that lager from the fridge,,,,

Press Notes:

Lost Dog’s first full-length album “GO!!!” is as precious as the last beer in the fridge. 

With few frills and tons of attitude, this 12-song debut blends in your face punk with tongue in cheek rock, creating an amalgam of sound that will make you want to both bang your head and tap your toes. 

Lyrically, the album brings you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Some songs will put you in a punch-the-wall, scream-at-the-sky mood because of how catastrophically messed up the world and its leaders are, while other tunes will just give you a craving for coffee. 

The album was recorded entirely on tape over the span of two days at a magical, wood-paneled studio near New York City that has Public Enemy among its alumni.

The instrumentation was laid down exclusively in one-takes using top shelf equipment, with only the vocals added in afterward, giving a biting edge to the raw, hard-hitting sound Lost Dog has honed since its late 2018 inception. 

The band’s three members poured sweat, some blood and many last-fridge-beers into every second of this album and can’t wait to blast it out onstage once this horrific pandemic is over.