Tonight we feel stoked to exclusively premiere Lore City‘s ‘It’s All Happening‘ at Last Day Deaf. This magnum opus belongs to those really rare occasions, clocking in at nearly 10 minutes, in which a dive into the listener’s subconscious is unavoidable. Laura Mariposa Williams‘ (vocals, keyboard, guitar) & Eric Angelo Bessel‘s (percussion, keyboard, guitar) universe lies somewhere in between the no wave elegies of Swans, the melancholic slowcore of Low, the dark wave ‘heart’ of Die Wappen Des Thodt and the ‘twisted’ psychedelia of ‘All Behind The Witchtower‘-era Ectogram.

It’s All Happening‘ is all about obsessions, but do not expect powerful build-ups and volcanic crescendos. Its power lies in the cathartic sense of anticipation. The anticipation of what comes next… Do you really wanna know? The solution lies below… Hope you may hold your breath for this 10-minute ‘elegy’!