Today we feel blessed to host the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, of ‘The Last Time‘, by Longboat, which will be officially out on August 12th. A poetic hybrid of slowcore and crooner pop wrapped up with sublime narrative style and dusty lyrics, which genuinely portrays the “Cold War” era (make sure you check the notes below!) and takes the listener to a journey through time; A journey that is so very current today with all the madness around the globe!

The stark reality of the Cold War was that the world could end in the span of an afternoon.  If you were away from your family and the missiles were on their way, what would be going through your head?  This tune tries to focus on the helplessness felt by millions of people all over the world.” (Igor Keller, Bandleader)

Music beyond hype, trends… Must-listen for pure aficionados!

Press Notes:

Fresh off their victories over the Axis, the United States and the Soviet Union both knew that conflict was inevitable. But no one knew how it would play out, what with the recent introduction of nuclear weapons into each nation’s arsenal. What developed was a series of proxy conflicts and ideological battles that kept the two giants from outright conflict but preserved an atmosphere of great danger. Longboat has taken the events of that era, large and small, and made them into music. 

Bandleader Igor Keller takes us on a melodic tour of that bleak era, beginning with the Yalta Conference in 1945, all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 (stay tuned for part 2! Enjoy living during part 3!). Written in the early summer of 2021, the record filters real historical events through the prism of opinion and experience to create a work of art that captures the tension of attempting to navigate a world seemingly always on the brink of destroying itself.  

The record was written, arranged, and produced by Keller, and recorded and mixed by Floyd Reitsma (Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews) at Studio Litho in Fremont. It features performances from guitarist / vocalist Ryan Leyva (Pistol Star, Brent Amaker & the Rodeo), bassist Will Moore, pianist Billy Stover (Dusty 45s), and drummer Faustine Hudson (Shelby Earl).

Though the album was made before all this weird business with Russia started, the old beefs have stirred back to life. Gone is the ideological aspect (Capitalism vs. Communism), but all indications point to the dawning of a new, low-key Cold War. Will we learn anything from history? Probably not. However, “Communism is dead as disco and there’s no way to resuscitate it, thank God,” explains Keller. “Instead, the Russians choose to evoke this mythical tsarist past, which is pretty absurd because things under the tsars were mostly horrible. And their army was also poorly led and supplied.”

The second Cold War volume will be released this fall. It relates the personal experiences of those who were affected by the conflict’s events. 


Keller was born in Edmonds, WA in an age of leaded gas and international tensions. In high school he settled on drums because they were loud. Joining Marching Band allowed him to play extra-loud, whilst jazz band taught him to play quieter. He started writing music, taking random bits of Bach and shoehorning them into the Dragnet theme.

After a handful of semesters studying theory and composition at the University of Washington, Igor kicked around the Continent for a few years. His capacity for Euro-disco exceeded, he returned to UW, this time as a Russian major. He graduated, and headed way-way-east. Keller spent six months trying to negotiate with a panoply of grifters, crooks, and Bolsheviks in the Russian government. When that collapsed, he returned, once again, to Seattle.

One day, Igor began writing songs about places around Seattle. These were collected in his 2011 debut, Greater Seattle. Believing that the music would be best served when performed by a band, Longboat was born. Since Greater Seattle, Longboat has released twenty-six full length recordings.