If we may find something positive from this “pandemic” crisis, then this should be the artist’s expression and in particular that of musicians’. Having the divine privilege to have listened tons of brand new songs while in this quarantine period for the past few weeks, tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf is definitely among the most smashing ones.

Dream pop duo LANDROID (Cooper Gillespie & Greg Gordon) come from Landers, CA (somewhere deep in the Mojave Desert!) are gifting us with ‘Stars‘, their response to COVID-19 pandemic; An outstanding example of dream pop, which combines a compelling vocal performance by Gillespie, soaring melodies that will seep in your brain and a spine-chilling crescendo until the last seconds’ fadeout. Make sure you read the lyrics below – inspired by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”-, while listening to this treasure, which brought in mind the ‘Teen Dream‘-era Beach House.

Then just close your eyes and listen on endless repeat….

You may see us struggle
But you won’t see us quit
Yeah we aren’t having it
‘Cuz we are stronger than you know

Even unkind words
All the things we’ve heard
All the things we’ve learned
Stronger than you know

We embrace our troubles
They make us beautiful
And we will persevere
‘Cuz we are stronger than you know

Every trial weathered
Makes us even better
Makes our hearts grow stronger
Stronger than you know

It’s in the dark that we see the stars

Press Notes:

LANDROID are a dream pop duo made up of Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon. They hail from a tiny town located deep in the Mojave Desert called Landers, CA. Their music sounds as vast as the environment in which it was created. Imperial Dunes, their debut album, was released in September of 2019 via the band’s own label, Mojave Beach Records. Since the record’s release, the band has been spending their days recording a slew of new singles to be released this year.

Fans of Beach House and the Cocteau Twins will dig LANDROID’s new single, “Stars.” The track is a response to the current pandemic. Gillespie explains, “There are many forces trying to divide us in the midst of this crisis. However, we believe that ultimately we are stronger together and our humanity will unite us. When things seem their worst, we often find guiding lights shining and leading us back to our better selves.” She continues, “Lyrically, we were inspired by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, ‘Only in the darkness can you see the stars.'”



Youtube: http://youtube.com/landroidmusic

Bandcamp: http://landroid.bandcamp.com