How daring is it to cover or even futher re-arrange a jazz standard, which was made famous by the likes Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra? This rhetoric question applies for most artists as a threat, not though for inventive and ‘pushing-the-limits’ artist Kristina Koller.

She hasn’t only achieved to breath fresh air on the classic ‘Angel Eyes‘, but she’s also managed to make it her very own track. After the initial minute, the song skyrockets in the ultimate, contemporary and still eclectic delight in amazement.

Last Day Deaf loves ‘daring spirits’, and definitely Kristina Koller numbers among them!

Koller’s own words about the song: ‘‘Angel Eyes’ has always been a haunting and curious song to me. “Angel eyes, that old devil sent”, is just one of the lyrics in this song. How eerie is that?! It’s up to interpretation what this song is about, but to me its about waiting on a love that will push you in directions you wouldn’t expect. Although the song was originally recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald in a classical jazz mood, I needed to put my own feel and contemporary twist on it. ‘


Always innovative and pushing the limit, Kristina Koller is making her mark in the music world.  As an evolving jazz-centric artist, Kristina has developed into a highly individual songwriter, arranger & vocalist. Her diverse & unconventional approach is exemplified in her last album ‘Stronger’, where she combines art rock with jazz & indie-pop. The thematic & powerful songs radiate mental strength dealing with and breaking through the claustrophobic isolation and loneliness of city life – projecting empowerment through self-discovery & awareness. Koller creates music that crosses generations, while still embracing the history and mood of traditional jazz. She arranges tunes in unique ways, pushing the boundaries of vocal jazz. Kristina revamps classic material while retaining their essence, putting her own winning personality and fresh ideas into the music & lyrics that she interprets.



Instagram- @kkollermusic