Tonight we feel excited to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of an electronic artist from Minsk, Kosmonavt, and ‘Phoenix from The Ashes‘ which will officially be released on March 19th via label Ezhevika. A compelling blend of electronica, idm and trip-hop with stunning production and sound and elusive vocals. This is a single off the upcoming album ‘Wistful Times‘, so you better stay tuned!

Press Notes:

Kosmonavt is an electronic artist from Minsk, Belarus. His music is a mix of IDM, Electronica and Ambient. It refers to Kubrick’s Odyssey and makes you travel in mind creating your own air-castles.

Phoenix from The Ashes is a single off the upcoming album Wistful Times by Kosmonavt. “I wrote this track after getting over a writer’s block, so it marked my revival. Anyhow this single gives the anxious mood to the album — revival is a moment of wonder, it won’t last long though”.

Kosmonavt’s discography includes albums Escape from Earth (2016) and Frozen Hearts (2018). His new full-length album Wistful Times was released on 19. March 2021 via label Ezhevika. “This album is about melancholy that becomes enlightenment, about a crisis that gives birth to new creations, about revival”.