One of Italy’s best kept alternative rock secrets, is ultra energetic trio KEEMOSABE, whose track ‘All Is One‘ have the delight to exclusively premiere tonight, ahead of their debut album ‘Look Closer‘ (produced by Grammy winning producer Tommaso CollivaMuse, Calibro 35, Nova Twins, Afterhours-) release, tomorrow, October 23rd.

All is One is the opening track of our debut album “Look Closer”. The song gives you the key to understand the whole message around our vision, everything out there is trying to divide people but, hey, let’s stay together, we are strong, ‘All Is One”. Everyone is facing some kind of personal problem in day by day life, everyone is feeling the same struggle. We are empowered human beings only when we share our deep and meaningful love. All is One is the portrait of a Universe where even the smallest living creature conceals a greater inner strength.” KEEMOSABE

Listening to this track on repeat, the past few days, we dare say that this band comes from a far away non-COVID galaxy, totally unaffected by the global hibernation, full of energy, gigantic riffs, dazzling melodies and absolute dancing mood. Instant classic!

Press Notes:

Fast rising Italian alt-rock trio KEEMOSABE return with a dazzling, heist inspired, tongue-in-cheek video clip for new track ‘Out of the City Pt. 2’, lifted from the forthcoming debut album ‘Look Closer’ due this October. An explosive, high octane indie tour de force with nods to The Amazons, Biffy Clyro and Nothing But Thieves, ‘Out of the City Pt. 2’ urges us to truly rediscover ourselves by refusing to conform to accepted norms that do not belong to us, while breaking the chains that psychologically block people.

The band explain: “The theme of evasion from the city undoubtedly reflects the life experiences for us as a band. We spent several years living between New York City and London before deciding to pack it all in and return to Italy, living in a small studio in the middle of the remote woods of Lake Maggiore. It was a meditative experience and it cleared our heads and allowed us to create music and to live communally away from the hustle and bustle of city living”.

KEEMOSABE are a Modern Rock band whose thunderous grooves and soaring riffs belie their tranquil suburban home. 2019 witnessed the release of their debut self-titled EP, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, via a 2 week crowdfunding campaign. The music video for ‘Out of the City Pt.1’ was awarded as “Best Music Video” at the prestigious 2019 Roma Video Awards and was featured by VEVO in their Rock YouTube playlist alongside The Killers, Sam Fender and many more.

The band’s debut album ‘Look Closer’ was produced by Grammy winning producer Tommaso Colliva (MUSE, Calibro 35, Nova Twins, Afterhours). Powerful, structured compositions carry the listener through a path of self-discovery coupled with profound metaphorical subtext; breaking down the barriers between music, art and film. KEMMOSABE’s sound is suitably widescreen and has seen them perform in New York, Amsterdam, Milan and London (including a live show at the legendary Studio One at Abbey Road Studios and two sold out shows at The Islington and Servant Jazz Quarters).

The band go on to add: “This album is the result of four years of experiences, travels around the world and unforgettable moments that happened thanks to the music that brought us together. We decided to take a broad spectrum of influences and combined it in a record that has different musical moments. The album is divided in three parts: Escape, Revelation, Come-back. ‘Look Closer’ tells the story of a man who finds himself stuck in a life that does not belong to him. Everything he has ever done in his life was a compromise to please the requirements of the society he lives in but never to please himself. Therefore he decides to leave it all, to stop being a ‘9 to 5 machine of mediocrity’ and to take an unknown path that will lead him to the true meaning of life. This road is surrounded by deserts, rivers, storms and many other natural elements that become a metaphor for the human condition. Once he finds ‘the Valley’, a sort of Eden in which he finally reaches a full understanding of human existence, even though he should be pleased with this revelation, he still needs something that can make him whole. He needs to share his happiness with his loved ones. So he takes a tortuous road back, returning to his everyday life but with a new revelation in his spirit, happiness, in the little things that he never paid attention to but now he is finally able to ‘look closer’ and understand it”.

‘Look Closer’ is available through Believe Digital on 23rd October 2020.